Sunday, January 12, 2014

Rock Candy...very tasty!

 I had a great time teaching a group of ladies how to use the Sidekick Ruler to make the Rock Candy tabletopper yesterday. They all chose charm packs for this project, so  part of the challenge of this project was placing the scrappy diamonds in a pleasing arrangement. We spent a lot of time playing on the design walls.

Barb wanted to make something for Valentines Day as she likes to change out her toppers by season. We loved the contrast between the pinks and reds with the white background.
 Kathy B. chose deep jewel tone batiks for hers and they shine! It looks like stained glass.
 Kathy S. chose batiks that blended somewhat and came up with great layout (after much playing!) to accent those blending colors. Hers has a shimmering quality to it.
Yuko chose a bright, modern charm pack. Notice the pattern she made using the doubles she found in her assortment of patterns.

Even though this was the first time for them to use diamonds in a project, they caught on to the tricks of sewing them together quickly. It's always fun to work on a project that you can finish in a day too. That doesn't happen very often when we are piecing quilts.

I want to finish the blocks for the new mystery today as well as get some more of the quilting done on the tessellation quilt. Since it's going to be almost 50 outside today (yes, I still live in IA...) I'd love to get a walk or bike ride in too. Wish me luck!


Rosa said...

Fabulous.Love them all.Have a fun day!!

Angie Kritenbrink said...

Love it!

Sharon said...

Wow, they all look great! It's always interesting to see the same block in different fabrics. Fun!

Mrs Knitaddict said...

Is simply magic! I wish I live closer to have a teacher like you Jean.
A kiss,