Thursday, August 28, 2014

A few shares

 Laura brought her finished Stack n Whack top to Tuesday Sewing turned out so pretty. I like what she did with the borders, it really brings out the reds in the blocks.

Jane has been free drawing applique shapes for a campers world quilt. It's amazing what she can draw! Her use of color is great too, wouldn't you love to go camping in her world?

I prepped the new Miss Tess quilt and sewed the backing together so it's ready to load on the frame. I also worked on a bunch of quilt labels. I'll get a pic soon, I promise.

It was back to work yesterday, so after a day with mostly meetings and not much work time, I guess I'm ready to get busy today and get things done so I can open the library. 

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Maggi said...

Very nice. I like the fact that the camping quilt is completely original.