Friday, August 15, 2014

He ain't Goldilocks!

 I loaded and began the quilting on a new version of Which Way is Up? the other day. I took a break and when I came back someone was sleeping on MY quilt! I usually close the door as the cats think a quilt pulled tight on the frame makes a nice hammock, but I must've forgotten, or didn't close it tight. Luckily I had rolled it back before I left it so it was resting on the table.
 As you can see, I used many gorgeous batiks for this one, loving the colors and designs all melding together. I do love batiks!

 I am using the Drift panto by Keryn flows well and gives some curviness to an angular design, which  I like. I plan on working on it again today as I have two more that need to be quilted.

 I taught my last Kid's Camp Bag class yesterday. It was fun and I will post the pix tomorrow. One of the young quilters took some of the pix for me, as she and her friends were leaving and I was busy with the girls still finishing. But she forgot to have someone take her picture, so I'm hoping they will take it and send it to me so I have all six.

After class I went out to Cut Up and Quilt to get some fabric and a Strip Tube Ruler for a demo I will be doing there on Aug. 30 as part of their 2nd Anniversary party. It's hard to believe it's been 2 years for them already, but it's sure to be a fun event with drawings, and lots of savings! If you live in our area, mark your calendar and plan on coming by.
I also got some fabric yesterday to back my newest design, so I want to get it put together soon so it's ready to go on the machine when I finish this one. I go back to school on Aug. 27, so have a long list of to-dos to complete before then. Wish me luck!

Someone with a no reply email asked yesterday if I will be teaching a class on the Whatcha Got? bag...I am planning to do so. If you are local and interested in that class, please email me privately at and I will let you know when I post it.


Maggi said...

It's looking good and obviously has the seal of approval from your quality controller.

Chris H said...

I love batiks too. They are my favourite fabric. Cats... I doubt I will ever get one, Teddy and Coco might be a bit upset if I did. Luckily they don't jump on my sewing table like your cat.