Monday, October 20, 2014

Piecing a back...and voting still open

A few years ago I made this scrappy Tumbler's about 54 x 58, just right for a baby quilt or a throw for just about anyone.  I didn't have time to quilt it at the time. I taught a class on it and put it away.

I got it out last week for the quilt show as someone was doing a demo on tumblers, so I thought they might want another example. So it's been in the back of my mind all week....I have some new pantos to try out too so it would be perfect to try one out on this small quilt. 

After catching up on some cleaning and straightening of the quilt room, I decided to see if I could find something to use for a backing for it so I could get it quilted. I had a nice blue plaid fabric but only had enough for one length and 40" isn't wide enough. I dug around in my fabrics to see if I could find something to pair it up with and came across some scrappy strips that I sewed together a few years ago, just because I had them and thought they would be handy to have sewn together for a piano key border or something. I had enough pieces to fit the length of the quilt and after squaring them up to 17" wide, it would work with the blue plaid to make a wide enough backing. 
 I cut the blue plaid down the middle, so I had two pieces 22" wide and sewed them onto each side of the stripped piece. The stripped section looks really good with the front too.

Close up of the blue plaid.
 I prepped the top as well and they are both ready to be loaded on the machine. I'm excited now to get it finished. I have a class tomorrow night, so maybe I can start it Tuesday after work.

Hopefully you are not getting tired of looking at this quilt!
Voting is still open for viewer's choice at SewCalGal's Red and White Challenge: Show IT... a virtual quilt show featuring red and white quilts that quilters designed and made. Go take a look at the eye candy! To vote, you put your curser over the quilt link you like, and click on the gray heart. When it turns red, you have voted!


Sharon said...

Wow, serendipity on that quilt backing! The back and the front look good together too. Very cute quilt!

Off to vote now. . .

Maggi said...

Lovely solution for the back.