Friday, October 10, 2014

Ruby Shadow class

It's been a busy week, starting with the Ruby Shadow class last Saturday. (Now I know the week doesn't technically start on Sat. but some weeks just run together....ok? )

The class went was small but very dedicated quilters who were working hard to get as much done as possible in class. We went through allt he steps and marked each set of block "parts" as they made them so that they could go home with fabric patterns of everything they needed to complete the rest of the blocks.

June decided to use one red batik for her color and was excited to see her blocks come to life! Barb chose four different blues from the same grouping...she making this quilt for a grandson. I loved both of their color choices and can't wait to see them finished!

This pattern is now available in my Craftsy Store if you want to make your own version of this versatile quilt!
I have a Bookfair coming up next week at school, so I had lots to do this past week to get ready for it. The books came yesterday and I spent some time after school with  a PTO friend setting it up. I had to leave before I was finished to teach a class so I am going back this morning to finish the set up.

The Co. Bluffs quilt show, Innovative Piecing: A Look at Quilting Through Today's Eyes is tomorrow so I need to get my entries fluffed and ready to hang....we are setting up for the show later today. I'm doing a demo on making free pieced letters throughout the day, so will get to meet lots of friendly quilters! I'm excited to hear our speakers as well. We have lots of quilty fun going on, so if you live in the area, plan on stopping by!

There is no school today so after I get back from setting up the bookfair I need to get serious with my needs a good cleaning. Happy Friday!


Heather's Haven said...

i absolutely love half square triangles. what a creative way to use them love this.


Maggi said...

Great interpretations of your pattern. I hope that the show goes well.