Monday, October 27, 2014

Which Way Is Up? Blogger's Quilt Festival

My entry for the Blogger's Quilt Festival at Amy's Creative Side this fall is a new version of Which Way is Up? that I made last summer.

I made the original quilt about a year ago. I had so much fun making the different sizes of geese in these cute, bright fabrics.
I finished the top at our quilt retreat in Feb. 2013
 I loved the idea of having some of the small geese flying into the border. But I was never sure about my color choice for the border they were in. I debated it and asked for advice. I waffled back and forth between a few ideas.  I finally chose a teal blue, but was never entirely happy with it

 After I taught the class on it, I was excited to see Barb's rendition, as she had used white in the border and I liked it so much! White was one of my original choices, but I worried it would be too much white! Wrong again! I wish I had time to make multiple versions of each of my designs, but part of the fun of teaching classes is that I get to see them made up in different colorways.
Barb's version of Which Way is Up?
When I decided to make another version of this pattern, I wanted to make it without borders. So I had to make more blocks and used batiks this time. For those who know me, you know I love batiks and love to use as many as possible for a scrappy look.  I love this version too, even though it has a completely different look with the batiks and without the border. I need to rewrite the pattern now to include this version as's always something, right? It will get done one of these days!

 Which Way is Up? is in the Original Design category of the Festival.  Beginning on Nov. 1, you can vote for your favorite quilt in this category, as well as each of the other categories. You can vote for the Viewer's Choice Award quilt at any time, voting for your three favorite quilts in the entire show. Have you visited any of the Festival  blogs yet? Are you joining the Festival?
I took advantage of the sunny, gorgeous day here in Iowa yesterday and took some new pictures of both quilts. 

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Maggi said...

Love this quilt. Good luck with the voting. I'll head over when it opens.