Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Turning Cartwheels again and again

Caroline's blocks
I taught the class on the Turning Cartwheels quilt on Saturday. This is the quilt I designed for the Henry Glass Desire to Inspire Challenge. This is a fun challenge where you submit pictures of couple of your finished quilts. If they choose you to participate, they send you fabric and you design something to make out of that fabric. Since you have limited amounts of different fabrics, it's a challenge to come up with something that fits the type of fabrics as well as the amounts you were given.

Gretchen's blocks
You can see everyone had great fabric choices so it will be fun to see how they progress.
Laura's block

Judy's block

I don't have time to take on every challenge I see, but I was really glad that I participated in this one. I feel like it helped me grow as a designer as well as a quilter. Plus now I have a gorgeous quilt too!
Dianne's blocks

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