Thursday, March 26, 2015

This and that from class

Cindy's Beyond the Stars Sampler
 I started the week off with two sampler clubs Monday and Tuesday nights. It's always fun when quilters bring in finished tops from my classes to show off! Cindy made another version of the Beyond the Stars Sampler recently using her stash of frog fabrics. There are frogs in some of the centers of her blocks. She says this quilt is HERS!
Dianne's Lone Star
 Dianne is part of a group of quilters that meet on Tuesdays to sew and this is what I saw when I walked in to class Tues. night....she is ready for her set in corners! Those Lone Stars do make a splash!
Marilyn's Row by Row
 Monday night's Sampler Pick quilters are all working on different samplers and coincidentally, three of them had repeating blocks.  Marilyn got one of her three Lady of the Lake blocks finished.
 Two are working on the Carpenter Wheel Spin and have to make eight of these Half and Half blocks. Even though the block looks simple, we worked on some tips for matching up those HST to make straight lines.
Dorothy worked on cutting two blocks at once and didn't get either finished, but will have them finished by next time!

It's challenging for me to keep up with several different quilts being made at the same time, but it keeps things hopping and the students learn a lot from each other during these classes as they see what the others are working on.

Tuesday night's Highlights class went well. They worked on the Eccentric Star blocks, which is the alternate block for this quilt, so they have to make eight, They all got a good start but no one finished. That's ok as they have several months to get them done.

I quilted a couple more passes last night on Summer Fling, and am getting closer to the end. I'll try to work on it a bit tonight too. 

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Barb said...

What fun..... that green quilt is just my kind of bright!