Sunday, May 17, 2015


 I usually go straight to the store after work when I have a night class as there isn't much point to going home first. So I take along something to work on until the class begins. Tuesday night I worked on the Circle and Spin to the Moon blocks that I had cut and partially sewn as a demo during my class last weekend. I used chose some very vibrant batiks, my favorites! I have more squares cut, but will use them as demo blocks for a future class, so this quilt won't be finished for awhile....sort of an ongoing project.
Deb McQ
 I taught two Sampler Clubs last week and these are a few of the pictures I took during the classes. The students don't always bring their finished blocks from the previous classes to show and tell...but it's always fun to see them when they do. Both of these groups are getting closer to the end...
Deb M
 These are from the To The Point Sampler 11 Club. This sampler is a study in color usage as they try to decide on different fabrics to use as the backgrounds...go light? go dark? ...while making sure that their pattern shows up as well. This is a very creative group and most haven't been quilting very long, but are doing very well.

 These are from the Highlights Sampler 20 class. You can see the pattern evolving now with Marilyn's alternate blocks in place.

 This is the block they worked on...notice how Jane changed hers from the original pattern. It's always fun to see what they do and how they use their fabrics.
I started working on a new sampler design's coming along nicely and I hope to get more finished later. There's something about starting a new project, cutting into new fabric that is exhilarating! I guess that's why we love to make quilts!

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Maggi said...

I always enjoy seeing what gets produced in your classes.