Friday, May 29, 2015

Sometimes it's a party....

It was so much fun Tuesday night when the Highlights sampler group met. It's a big class so the fun never ends with these guys! Cindy was proud to announce that she was all caught up with her alternate blocks as well as her other blocks. Her quilt is above.
Of course, some of them thought she was trying to be teacher's pet...lots of giggles over that one!

I had fun putting what they had finished up on the design walls so we could all admire them. After this month's block and their bonus block, they only have one more to do next month so they are really starting to look like quilts.
This mom and daughter team love to quilt together and were even using the same cutting mat the other night!
Mom and Daughter, Lora and Kelli
Studious Rose making sure she was cutting everything correctly.
Rose....thinking hard

Rose and Pat...cutting

Diana....figuring out what fabrics to use
They had to make eight of the Eccentric Star alternate block, so I gave them the pattern a few months ago to give them time to get them finished before the end of the sessions. Many of them have them finished.
One of the reasons I like to put them all up for us to look at and enjoy is to check out use of colorings and patterns in fabrics. The students many times exclaim that they never would've chosen a certain colors together, but love it when they see it done on other's quilts. So I think it helps us all grow as quilters.
We talked about Pat's usage of several shades of gray in some of her blocks and several shades of teal in others, but never mixing them.
We all love Pat's background...I need to go and see if they still have it at Cut Up and Quilt!
Pat closeup of background
They made the Simile block this month. Several got them finshed...others were almost finished.
May's block: Simile
Lora started her sampler using a different background, but didn't think she would have enough, so she bought a new background and remade all of the blocks. Someone asked her what she would do with the others and she said, "Put them in another quilt!"
Dianne got her bonus block finished too. Most months they had an extra  block to do as homework in order to complete all 8 different blocks, plus the alternate blocks in 6 months. Another group decided they didn't like the word "homework" so now I call them bonus blocks. It's all in a name, right?
Dianne finished her bonus block too. No homework for her!
Cindy's blocks started this post and she is ending it with her finished Simile block. It's gorgeous!
Cindy and Simile


Rosa said...

Beautiful blocks!

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Great blocks!

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Sharon said...

Wonderful group of quilters you've got there - everyone's blocks look great, and I always love to see how others interpret the same blocks in different fabrics!

Barb said...

What fun you must have and the blocks look fun as well....

Maggi said...

Lovely, and fun too.