Sunday, July 12, 2015

A day of friends and sewing...

 I spent a great Saturday planning meals and sewing with my retreat group. We always cook our own meals, and keep them pretty simple so we don't spend too much time cooking. We all help, so even clean-up is easy.

After planning we stayed and sewed. I worked on my new Circle and Spin to the Moon...figuring out the layout I wanted took the longest, I think! It's all sewn together now, I just have to decide if I want a border. I wasn't going to add one, but might add just a narrow black border to finish it off. I would use a batik print, but nothing too busy. I will probably do a scrappy binding.What do you think will finish this off perfectly?
 Dianne and Pat worked on their Red, White and True sewing...I forgot to get a picture of Pat's.
Rose worked on getting blocks ready for a T-shirt quilt she is making for a friend. The prepping for these quilts really take more time than sewing them together!

Diana spent her time sewing down a binding on a gift quilt, so no pictures. Cindy couldn't join us as she is on a birthday weekend trip to Wisconsin to see her sons.

It was a great day of sewing and we got caught up on all of our news too!

I have a busy week of classes coming up as three Sampler Clubs meet this week as well as my Kid's Camp. If you are participating in the Red, White and True Quilt Along, the next sewing direction will be posted tomorrow! Have a great Sunday!


Maggi said...

Love the circle and spin and I agree with you about the narrow black border. It will tie it all together well

Karen said...

Love your Circle and Spin colors. Looks great without the border, but the black batik would be a good choice if you decide to go with the border.