Thursday, August 27, 2015

A few finishes...

I finished the binding on the new Circle and Spin to the Moon the other day. I think I have a new favorite! I have spent some time this summer working on others in this series, and have two more tops to get them quilted. I really enjoy making these not so perfect circles, so I have a few more ideas yet to do. 

 Pat brought in her finished Red, White and True QAL quilt's a beauty!
Christine brought her Garden Window Sampler to show us the other night during class.She embroidered some antennae on the butterflies which really adds to the charm.

I taught two sampler classes this week, but was bad about getting pictures, so I will have to make up for it next time.

I got side tracked yesterday. I was planning on getting a quilt quilted...I have to do it in spurts because if I quilt too long my back starts complaining. So my plan was to quilt, sew, quilt, sew. I started out sewing and then just never stopped til I had all of the blocks finished. I couldn't stop! So I ended up quilting a few passes late in the day, but not as much as I hoped. Since I got all of the blocks finished yesterday, I want to put the quilt together today, but will quilt in between. I really will.

I go back to school tomorrow...

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Sharon said...

I really like your Circle and Spin to the Moon quilt! It's a subtle, elegant color scheme and looks very "artsy".

When it's almost the end of summer, you just want to cram all of it in before it's over! Hope you did want you wanted on your last day of "freedom"!