Sunday, August 23, 2015

Lots of this and that

Diane H
 I'm not sure where this week went, but it flew by. I sewed with friends a couple of days this week...that's always fun. I started the My Little Pretties Sampler Club Wednesday night. Their first block was A Dandy and it really lived up to its name.  As you can see, they all have interesting fabrics and they all got their blocks finished. That's always nice. I went easy on homework this time!

Cheryl B


 It's so much fun to begin a sampler, touch and see all the new fabrics...there's an excitement there that only compares to finishing a quilt.
 Dianne finished her Simply Posies center block during Tuesday sewing.  It's very colorful and pretty. Her group meets Tuesday night, so we'll see the others then.

 Jo, a friend from Florida, sent me a picture of her finished Red, White and True quilt top. She changed the layout a bit, which I love. If you have been working on this quilt, please share your pictures with me...I love to see them. The free patterns are still available on Craftsy for a limited time if you still want to make it.
 You might remember that I started quilting this Circle and Spin to the Moon before I went on retreat. I have been doing so much other sewing since then that I haven't had time to get back to it, so I spent Friday in my quilting room and it's quilted.
 I really love this quilt and am anxious to get it finished. I used a gray/black thread and the Leafage panto. It's one of my favorite pantos for overall effect.
 I'm using the backing fabric below for the binding and it's ready to go. I will probably wait until I go to the store tomorrow for class to sew it on. I like sewing bindings on these larger quilts there as the tables are bigger than any I have at home.
I got the newest quilt in the Circle and Spin series finished the other day, so spent some time yesterday sewing the backing together and prepping the top for quilting. You will notice that this batik is the same design as the other one, just different colors.I haven't decided what I will bind this one with yet. I am going to get it loaded this morning and hopefully get a start on quilting it. I'm really excited about this quilt and will post some pictures when it's finished.

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Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I got 2 tops almost completed. I've drawn up a different border, using the extra pieces I didn't use in the quilt top. Now to get them stitched and some pictures taken.