Thursday, January 21, 2016

A bit of this and that...

Recently I taught a class on the Super Tote bag by Noodlehead. I love this bag and was excited to show others how to make it. Class went well, but none of them finished during class time, so I offered to meet with them to finish it this past Tuesday night.

Before that happened, Pat finished it on her own and brought it to show me last Saturday. Isn't it gorgeous?

As luck would have it, we had a snowstorm Tuesday, so Linda was the only one that could came to finish hers, but finish it she did, even when her machine wouldn't co-operate!

 I like the contrast of the striped and floral fabrics with the floral piping trim on the front pocked.

 Last Saturday several quilters made their own Modern Cathedral Window Pillows. They seemed surprised at how easy they were to make. My sister, Sharon, stopped in and loved them so much, that she decided she was going to make one at our upcoming Family Sewing-In this Saturday. I gave her the supply list and she was asking a few questions about it, including could she do some precutting so she would get more finished on Sat. So I gave her the pattern.
She kept sending me updates on the cutting and by Monday had one sewn together. (smile) She told me she is making two, so since I haven't gotten any more pictures, I assume she is waiting until Sat. to make the second one.

Sharon's Modern Cathedral Window Pillow
Or will start another project!
 Last night was the final night for the My Little Pretties Sampler Club. Only two of the five could come last night, the others will make up later. We were treated to a glorious sight....Marta had sewn her quilt partially together. Since they had one more block to make, she couldn't finish until she made it.

 Sheryl put hers on the design wall too, so different and so pretty. They decided they wanted to meet one more time to finish the quilt, so we will meet next month for that. They also decided that they wanted to make a couple of smaller projects next instead of a quilt. Their first project is going to be the Modern Cathedral Window Pillow! That Club will begin in March.

 That was my week so far...How was yours?


Mickey said...

Looks like those bags are super cool. And all the pillows are great. I have been playing with my baby go and having so much fun.

Barb said...

yOUR BAG IS ADORABLE! Love love love it....lots of fun stuff

Maggi said...

Lovely bags and the other projects are good too.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

You've been busy (and others, too). I also like the stripes with the florals. I've been busy with machines this week (cleaned 3, sold 2, got 2 shipped to me).

Karen said...

I am alwyas amazed at how much you do! Love the bags, the pillows and the sampler quilts.