Sunday, February 28, 2016

This, that and the other....

I went to my parent's house last weekend and was excited to see my mom's finished quilt. It turned out so pretty!
I had some help last weekend while I worked on the pattern for the Sewing Oasis Sewing Machine Apron.I had it out so I could check measurements, but Conrad thought it was his new play mat.

The My Little Pretties Sampler group had a finishing night last week, and they are going to be beautiful! We spent some time giving our opinions on border selections and order.
Marta had her blocks all finished and the first border on when she came. We all loved her large floral print she is using for the final border.

Billie Jo missed the last class, so she worked to finish her last block. There was a lot of discussion on her border choices, based on what she fabrics she had left and which ones she wanted to incorporate.
I know they will all be beautiful!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Recent projects & retreat

Stitching Oasis Sewing Machine Apron
I'm so behind on posting it's just sad. I recently finished some smaller projects that I want to share!
My annual retreat was 2 weeks ago, but before I went we had a couple of snow days at work. So I was able to get a head start on my retreat projects, and finish them while on retreat.

I've wanted to make a sewing machine apron for awhile now, so took advantage of a snow day from school to figure out my design. I wanted a random pieced patchwork in fun colors, so started cutting strips. After some minimal quilting to hold the layers together, I added an ironing pad and pockets to hold all of my sewing supplies that I need to keep near, but always end up on the floor. How does that always happen? I made a pincushion that fits in a pocket and is attached to the mat (that sucker isn't going to end up on the floor either!)
I'm excited about it and plan to teach a class on how to make it in April at Cut Up and Quilt.

Next on my list was this cool Poolside Tote, pattern by Noodlehead. I loved making her Super Tote pattern and this one was just as much fun, but much easier and faster. It's basically for carrying beachy, picnic or quilty items. There is a handy key fob inside and zipper pocket outside (also smart and easy to install). 
 Since I used a quilting cotton, I used a heavy interfacing for the body of the bag to give it form.
 Loved it so much that I made another one out of leftover fabrics and an added coral for the handles. This time I made the zipper pocket out of coordinating fabric instead of matching to the bag. I love this look too and wish I would've added a pocket to the other side too!

 Lining is made from two different fabrics. I will be teaching a class on how to make this awesome bag on March 5 at Cut Up and Quilt.
 I took fabric along on the retreat to make another Stitching Oasis to test my rough draft pattern and see how long it took. I have been collecting fabric with words and incorporating them into projects as they fit. This apron isn't as busy as the other one, but I like it as well.

Loaded up and ready to go!
You know I have a fascination with making Boxy Corner Pouches and have made many. My sister made some of these cute Retro Duffel Bags, so I had to make one too. (it's a requirement when something is so darned cute!) I used prequilted outerwear fabric and made handles with newsprint fabric. I know white probably isn't the best choice for handles, but it looked so good, I had to use it!

Then I made two Boxy Corner Bags from the leftover fabric and used lace zippers. So I have a matching set for the next travel opportunity.

I found this cute fabric while shop hopping in Denison on retreat, so made a new pillowcase. Now I get to see it every night. Sweet dreams!

I also finished the Super Tote#3 that I had started for a class model, to show the pieces and process during class. The interfacing was already ironed on, so it was a matter of putting everything together. I used the same fabric on the outside as I had for the original tote,  I love the mod dots!

 Inside and outside ready for the gussets!
Birthing the bag!
Birthing the bag. Yes, it's a real thing!
Ready to press, close the opening and topstitch.
Another happy Super Tote! My retreat was fun, chatty and successful. Everyone got lots accomplished, we had great food and lots of laughs. Can't wait to go again!

It's been a busy week with class last Saturday and several night classes, but hoping to get some quilting in this weekend....somewhere! Happy Saturday!

Monday, February 15, 2016

More Happy Villages

I taught a class on the techniques used to make the Happy Villages quilts on Saturday...what fun we had. I will just let you look through the pictures of progress on these artsy projects!

I love the river....see any houses?

See the church?

Boat ride anyone?

Rent a cabana, anyone?


Sparkly netting for this nighttime village.

I see a castle by the river in her future!

Soft and cozy village...I'll book a room!

Lots of pretty trees in this colorful village!

Yes we made a mess!
I know I keep saying it, but I'm trying to do better on posting. I had a great time on my retreat a week or so ago...and have many pictures to prove it! Soon....
My Happy Village