Monday, February 15, 2016

More Happy Villages

I taught a class on the techniques used to make the Happy Villages quilts on Saturday...what fun we had. I will just let you look through the pictures of progress on these artsy projects!

I love the river....see any houses?

See the church?

Boat ride anyone?

Rent a cabana, anyone?


Sparkly netting for this nighttime village.

I see a castle by the river in her future!

Soft and cozy village...I'll book a room!

Lots of pretty trees in this colorful village!

Yes we made a mess!
I know I keep saying it, but I'm trying to do better on posting. I had a great time on my retreat a week or so ago...and have many pictures to prove it! Soon....
My Happy Village


Barb said...

wow...wish I could take a class from you.

Susan said...

This looks like such a fun class!!!

Maggi said...

I do love these Happy Villages and would love to make one. Do you do a pattern? Probably not as they're all so individual