Saturday, March 19, 2016

Busy week, a few pictures....

Jane's Sampler 22 Larkspur
I had a busy week of a Saturday UFO class and three nights of classes in a row, but not much to show for it in pictures. Sometimes the students spend their time cutting and don't sew in class as much. 
That Way, Sampler 22 Larkspur
 Veronica got her blocks finished for the Beginning Quilting class...they will put it together next month. The others in class had blocks finished, but I didn't get pictures for some reason...where's a photographer when I need one?
Veronica's More Peas in a Pod Beginning Quilting
We put Jane's Serenity quilt on the big design wall last Sat. and she sewed  the blocks into rows. I saw her Tuesday and she had the entire quilt sewn's gorgeous!
 Jane's Serenity
 Ruth worked on a Stack N Whack from a class I taught many years ago..she got most of her blocks finished, so can start putting them together.
Ruth's Magic Stack N Whack
 Pat also brought an oldie but goodie...her Tangled in the Kite Strings. I love string piecing and need to do some again for fun!
Pat's Tangled in the Kite Strings
I don't have a class scheduled today, so hope to get a quilt loaded on the frame and start quilting it. First, there is some cleaning calling my name...

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Karen said...

Thanks for sharing the progress of these quilts. So beautiful!