Sunday, March 6, 2016

Fun Poolside Totes!

 I had a great time with some great ladies making the Poolside Tote by Noodlehead yesterday.

Marilyn has wanted to make bags for some time, but was worried about starting one on her own, so she was excited to begin. I offered an hour long cutting party the night before at the shop to get a head start. When I teach quilt piecing classes, we don't usually complete the project, so it's a matter of taking students through the steps to complete it on their own. With bags it's a little different, and it's nice when we can complete it. Yesterday, they worked hard and were finished except for top stitching the facing down. Whew! what a busy day!

Even though I do design patterns myself, I love to try new techniques as well to hone my skills and I really enjoy making new bag designs. So I like to share the experience with others! They loved her technique for inserting the zipper pocket detail that makes this bag so unique. I find that people are usually hesitant about zippers if they haven't sewn garments, so it's nice when it goes so well.
 Denise chose fabric from the new Eric Carle his books, art and the fabrics. She made a zipper pocket on the front and a slip pocket out ofher lining fabric for the back.
 Kathy used asian inspired prints she bought while on vacation for her bag. Her prints were double sided, so she had "extra" prints to choose from to make her bag unique. She made a zipper pocket for both sides.

Update: Denise and Kathy sent me pictures this afternoon...their bags are finished!



I made the top bag for the class model and the second bag out of the leftovers, adding the coral for the handles. I've been using the gray bag to take things back and forth to quilt classes and I love it. Even though I won't be using it poolside (sorry, don't want to get chlorine on it!) I will be using it a lot.

I started a new bag so I could demo some of the techniques in class. Since we had to cut and fuse interfacing on most of the pieces, it's nice to have them on the design wall for all to see and mentally check off as they finish them. I demoed the how-tos as they progressed.  I've had this blue floral for along time...not even sure when or where I got it. I'm using it for the front of the bag, with the green for the handles and the gray for the lining. Of course it didn't occur to me to take a picture of it in progress. Hopefully you'll see it soon as I finish it!

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QuiltShopGal said...

Lovely totes. Looks like a super fun class.