Saturday, April 23, 2016

Oh where, oh where has my time gone?

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The past few weeks have slipped right past me and in a blur. I have been fighting a cold, working at school and teaching quilt classes a couple nights a week. Here are some pics I took recently at classes. The beginners are working hard to finish their first quilts. I haven't ever taught this class monthly before (usually teach it 6 weeks in a row), but it seems to be going well and they are happy with the schedule. Next month the borders.
Amanda's More Peas in a Pod
I've also been trying to get things figured out as far as where I will move my classes since Hancocks is closing. For many years, Hancock Fabrics (formerly a Northwest Fabrics) was the only fabric store in our city. Hobby Lobby moved here about 6 - 8 years ago (not sure, really just guessing) and my favorite quilt shop, Cut Up and Quilt opened 3 years ago. I started teaching about 12 years ago and taught evening Sampler Clubs, Beginning Quilting and Sat. classes at Hancock. I started designing my own patterns to teach that first year so that I would have different classes to offer. When Cut Up and Quilt opened, I started teaching there too, once or twice a month on Saturdays.

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So with Hancock Fabrics bankruptcy and closing, I needed to find another place that was open nights and had a classroom. Renting a place is out of the question right now, though it would be so much fun to do! So I will be moving my night classes to Hobby Lobby soon. The whole process is different there, so I have been working on getting the things I need ready so I can start my first new class there Monday night.  I will be teaching Larkspur, Sampler 22.
Larspur, Sampler 22

Jane's Larkspur, Sampler 22 blocks from the Second Monday Club
Since all of my night classes are 6 month sessions, most are not finished, so they will finish at Hobby Lobby and then maybe start another club. I need to come up with a new sampler design by June and it's not even close. Oh, I shouldn't tell you that part, huh? So you see where my head is at.

Billie Jo's first Modern Cathedral Window Pillow block

Melinda's Modern Cathedral Window Pillow blocks
Things are starting to fall into place, though, so I am relaxing a bit and excited to see how it goes in the new classroom next week.
Marta forgot her machine cord, so she worked on having a snack and pressing for the others.


Karen said...

I feel your pain of "where does the time go?". You have accomplished some major things as finding a new location was not an easy task. Well done! Just try to relax, it will all happen. Hope you are over your cold soon.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Good luck in moving your classes to new locations.