Sunday, June 12, 2016

Cute summer bean bag project

 I saw this DIY Kids Bean Bag Chair online awhile back, and have been dying to try it. I got some fabric the other night and decided it would be my first summer project. It did go quickly, though I didn't get it finished in 30 min. Maybe the next one...

Side view...I used the amount of beans it said on the tutorial, but it doesn't look as full. Maybe I need a kid sitting on it? or a cat?

 My two fabrics, cut and ready to sew.
 Sewn and zigzagged together and pressed towards the darker one. I want the print to be the top side.
 Cutting the curved front edge.
 Getting ready to put in the zipper. I trimmed off the selvage and zigzagged the edges. The zipper was easy to put in. I left the curved edge open until I was finished, just in case. But it really went fine.

 I did top stitch the zipper, which wasn't on the directions, but I think it helps the zipper lay flat and zip easily, so I did it. I ended up taking out the top stitching close to the zipper though, so that it was easier to sew the rest of the back around the zipper closed.

 Finally the curved edge. I zigzagged every seam for durability.

  It was suggested on the site that you could make a lining, so I did and it went together super fast since no zipper.

It looks really strange when you finish, and I had some fun on Facebook challenging my friends to figure out what I was making.
 I love it and have already made a second one. No beans for it yet, though they are ordered.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I used to make bean bag chairs back in the 1970's but a different style. They are so comfy. Where did you find the filler beans?

Karen said...

Have you tried sitting on it? How was it? Love the chair, perfect for reading.