Monday, June 27, 2016

Miss Tess... Piecemaker's Quilt Guild style

I did a trunk show for the Piecemaker's Quilt Guild in Missouri Valley on Tuesday night and they requested I teach a class on the Miss Tess quilt on Saturday. First off, the trunk show went well because they were such a great audience. I had a good time talking to them before and after the meeting.
The Miss Tess class went well too. They had done some precutting so it didn't take them too long to finish cutting and start laying out their quilt.
Because it's a tessellation quilt, the rows interconnect, so you have to lay out at least a few rows before you can sew them together. They meet and hold classes in the Methodist Church and they had plenty of room to spread out. It was great!

They were a busy group, cutting and sewing like crazy. A little chatting too...

Priscilla had limited colors, so decided to make this design with hers. It made me start thinking of doing vertical rows in different colors.

Lots of pretty colorways and interesting centers. Midway through the day, we talked about tessellation quilts and I showed them a few other designs I have made that fall into that category. .



Karen placing her blocks

Denise P




Bonnie H

Kathy D stacked up!


Kathy D

The rest of Kathy's, wouldn't stay on the wiggly design wall.

It was a happy day of sewing, chatting and learning, with everyone sharing ideas. They asked me if I was going to come back next month for their meeting, and I said I would, then issued a challenge to them to finish the quilt top by then so I can see it. I can't wait!

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Sharon said...

Looks like it was a great day, and lots of fun! Some beautiful quilts were started! Glad to know that you had such a good time.