Saturday, September 3, 2016

Skylines Cityscape panel hung

 It was hard to choose where to hang the Skylines Cityscape  panel. Even though the library is huge, there aren't many walls so there weren't a lot of places to hang it. I didn't want to hide it in a corner so this is where I put it. 

I had a different print hanging here, and took it down. It will have to find a new home, maybe on the opposite wall where the tree is. It's not big enough for the space so I am going to look for a few other things to go with it so I can hang it there. 

Space to the left of bookcase and tree. would work for the other pic, just too big a space for one picture.
 Here's the post from when I hung the tree on the wall.

 This is my desk at school...yea, I have the best room in the building! The only way to get behind it is to walk around it, past those green chairs and right past the print.
 I had to hang it a bit higher than I would've liked as my light switches are there, but I think it works. I can always change it if I decide it doesn't!
Have a busy weekend planned...lots of painting left to do. I want to get the the second coat of primer on the west and north sides this weekend. If I have time I will start the east side. I've done nothing to it yet and am worried it won't get finished this fall. I'm also going to visit my parents tomorrow and see what they've been up to. Have a great Labor Day weekend!


QuiltShopGal said...

Perfect place. This Hoffman print really looks great displayed like this. #CreativeGoodness


Gisela Suski said...

I love libraries & quilt is a pice of art.

Gene Black said...

The library looks like a wonderful space. I worked in the library when I was in high school - it was my favorite place at the time.
If you had a big vinyl filigree frame to put around the Cityscape it would work well solo on the tree wall.(I am assuming the tree is a vinyl) The only risk is that the filigree would overpower the piece.

Karen said...

Looks really nice in the Library. You found a great place to hang it.