Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Spring Fling in the fall

 I've been working on the Spring Fling bag by Janelle MacKay. It was my first time to use fusible foam in a bag. Great stuff for great support.
Making the hole for the turnlock.

 It was also the first time I got to use one of my new hole punches. It's hard to cut out the hole for the turnlocks, so I heard through an online bag making group about these leather punches. Love them, I used for two sets of holes in this bag.

Turnlock keyhole installed.

 The second set of holes were a little trickier as none of the hole punches were exactly the right size. So I used one that was the right width, but shorter length than needed. I traced the oval from the hardware needed and punched it out in two spots. Worked well.

I hadn't installed one of these in before, but easy as can be. Easier than getting the little screws in on the turnlocks!
All done! These are for the handles to come through from the other side...pretty tricky!

 I have to admit, sewing the binding to the gusset area was a bit tricky. Love the binding clips for bag making. It's so much better than pinning. I basted the gusset in before I sewed the bias binding on.

I really like this color combo and the gray woven was a dream to work with. I hand sewed the binding on the second side. No way was I going around those gussets on the machine again.
It's on display at Cut Up and Quilt now, so look for it the next time you are in shopping. 

I've been working on a second Traverse Bag by Noodlehead. Love how it's turning out so far, though I had some problems with the top stitching yesterday. Hope to finish it today, but first some cleaning!

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Karen said...

This bag is beautiful! I love the colors. Great job.