Sunday, March 12, 2017

Beginners coming along strong!

 The beginners got their quilt centers put together yesterday and started the borders. They learned measuring is very important to border attachment. It's always fun to see their quilts come together and enjoy all of the different fabrics and colors they put together.

 Everyone was certain that they could finish the 2nd border on their own before the next class. One of them asked if this quilt could be made bigger by making more blocks and I said yes it would be easy to do. She said "not that I'm thinking about the next quilt, really." I loved it, because she was actually thinking about the next quilt while still working on the first one. Yep she's a quilter!

One of the gals missed the first class, so came yesterday to begin her quilt. She is coming tomorrow night to work on it some more!

 A little excitement for quilt, Fragments,  hanging with the rest of the Quilters Quilt the Blues exhibit at the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo in Atlanta GA this weekend. (The pic was on their Facebook page.) It will continue to travel with the OSQE shows throughout this year. If you happen to go to one of these shows, please take a pic of it for me! It will be in Lakeland, FL next weekend.
Fragments, second row from bottom of pic, 2nd quilt from the left.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Spring break, a new machine and a new quilt

I was off for a few days this week for spring break. It was great...I got caught up on a few things at home and finished this Wonky Rail Fence quilt from the book Cultural Fusions Quilts. Love how these blocks are cut with motion and are very wonky when finished. I had a hard time deciding on a layout, so incorporated two from the book in my finished quilt. I'll be teaching this technique at Cut Up and Quilt in April.

I used batiks for this one, but think it would be gorgeous in Moda Grunge. I might have to make another one!
I also got a "new to me" Bernina sewing machine over the weekend, so used it to finish the quilt. Love how it sews and it fits into my reconstructed cabinet. My singer had issues a few months ago and I have been using a machine I was given several years ago and take back and forth to classes to use for demos.  I've been meaning to take the Singer in to see what's wrong with it, but haven't gotten that far yet. I'm not sure it will be worth fixing if it's the computer that has the problem. Anyway, it's fun to have a new machine to sew on!

Image may contain: indoor

Monday, March 6, 2017

Stringpiecing fun

 There was a lot of stringpiecing fun going on last Saturday during the Stringpiecing Extravaganza. The quilters could choose which stringpiecing design they wanted to make, learning how to make all three in the process. Elsie wanted to make the Tangled in the Kite Strings version, using her batik scraps. Very vibrant beginnings!

Tangled in the Kite Strings (available on Craftsy)
 Bettie and Karen liked the Corner the Stringpiecing Market the best, and make some good progress on their quilts.

Corner the Stringpiecing Market (available by contacting me
I did a demo on making the Summer Fun Stringpiecing quilt as well, so they would be able to make that one at a later date. This one incorporates pieced hexagons with whole hexagons and is great fun. 
Summer Fun (will be on Craftsy soon)

Bettie also brought her Bluebird quilt to show and have quilted at Cut Up and Quilt. She used all scraps!
Bettie's scrappy Bluebird quilt
I spent some time yesterday working on a new quilt from the Cultural Fusions how these blocks are turning out! I'm combining 2 layouts into one, as I liked them both and think it will look awesome. (Ok, maybe I couldn't decide between them either.) I love free cutting, and this book lets us do just that.
Wonky Rail Fence blocks
 I have 3 days off from school this week for spring break so plan on sewing up a storm!