Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Quilty Day!

Now that I have done a little ( yes, very little)cleaning I am ready for some quilty adventures. First of all, I am going shop hopping with my sis in law. She travels around the state of Ne. for her job, and during down times visits many quilt shops. So she wants to take me to some of them. Should be fun....though I am not sure where we are going.

Then hope to get a little quilting in this weekend too. Plus I need to work on an easy cloth bag for a class I want to do. The fabric is pictured above, though the background is more greenish, so the color isn't good. With everyone going to cloth grocery bags, I want to make one that is easy and pretty too. I know how I want to do it, just haven't made it yet. Half of sewing is in the planning. Better get going...hopefully later I will have some pictures for you!

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