Saturday, December 6, 2008

Back to normal, I hope!

I think my computer is back to normal. Not sure what was wrong, but it was very annoying. I think I am a computer junkie, as well as fabricaholic....the list of imperfections just keeps growing... I felt pretty out of touch without it.

I have a Quick Gifts Make and Take class today. This is one of the things they will be doing. The pix are my youngest daughter's hospital & grad. pix. After that, it's home to quilt. I have a quilt I need to design and get started on and one to quilt this weekend.

If you could give me feedback on this font, I would appreciate it. I am not sure why, but I realized when I checked my page on someone else's computer that my type is very large, so if you could let me know if this looks better I would appreciate it.

1 comment:

Purple and Paisley said...

your font is smaller now...looks good! =)