Monday, January 5, 2009

Fuzzy Purses & Back To School

I got quite a bit done yesterday, including making this red fuzzy purse for my daughter. I had made her several in different colors a few years ago when I was making more purses. She had requested a red one, but I never got it made. I was working on a bag for a class yesterday and while looking for fabric I came across the red fuzzy fabric so decided it's never too late. Hopefully she likes it.

The nice holiday break is over and it was back to school today. It was very busy as everyone needed a new book to read. Some people have said it is nice to get back to the routine, but I would like another week off, please!


Fiesta said...

that purse is really cute!
Jean I have several bags on my to do list but I get so sidetracked. I really want to make some for Valentines.

Julianne said...

I love the bag. I keep buying patterns for purses and have made some but I hardly ever carry a purse any more. Lately I have been useing a wallet on a string kind of thing.

Willeke said...

Lovely bag! I am certain she likes it! I would! ;)

Judi said...

Great purse! I bet your daughter will love it as well.