Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Seasonal Cottages & Heather's in a contest!!!

Before Christmas some blogging ladies were exchanging cottages, I think it started with Nannette at Freda's Hive. I thought they were so cute, but hadn't gotten in on the fun. I thought it would be fun to exchange with some friends. So after checking with Nanette ( I wasn't sure who's pattern it was) I am hosting swaps with several groups of friends. We are doing seasonal cottages, every 2 months. These are a couple I did for snowy Jan/Feb.
Or how about Valentiney Jan/Feb... We are shooting for 6 exchanges through the year. I think it will be fun. Thanks Nanette for a great idea!

Heather over at Needles & Pens is entered in a photo contest...go check out her photo and vote for the best one....hers of course! Just go here and vote for # 16 Needles & Pens.


Fiesta said...

These are very nice.
I made a few of the Christmas ones since I could not participate in the swap.

holly said...

What a great idea. Very cute blocks.

Heather said...

Those are SO cute! What a fun idea for a swap!

Thanks, Jean, for all your support with the photo contest. What a great friend! {{hugs}} We surged ahead in the beginning, but now we're falling behind a bit, so I can sure use all the votes I can get. Many, many thanks to those who have already voted!