Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sampler Quilt finished.

I teach quilting classes and offer Sampler Club Classes for people to learn new techniques and just have fun. They are all 6 sessions and usually run for 6 months, once a month. I am going to be starting a new session of the 1st Sampler in June.
This is the Sampler I teach after Beginning Quilting to learn how to make HST, sashings and try an appliqued block. I made the original model about 5 years ago, so decided I wanted a springier version to hang this time. I quilted it yesterday and got the binding on this morning. I don't usually quilt the models because they are easier to hang in the classroom unquilted, but I will leave the original back there. This one is to hang on display to encourage people to sign up.

This afternoon I went with a friend quilt shopping...she needed a fabric for a border. I thought that after all that cutting of strings to give away I did earlier in the week, I had better get a little too, or I might run out! I added to my dots collection.

There is a great giveaway going on over at PigTale & Quilts too, go check it out!


Fiesta said...

It is beautiful.
I am sure many will sign up after seeing that. You made that fast!

Fabric Mom said...

What a beauty. Very Springish. Love it great job.