Sunday, May 17, 2009

Quilt show fun...I got to meet Judi!

Since we are working gals, we could only go to Saturday's show. So we headed out about 6AM for KC, which is a three hour drive for us. We got there and started up and down the many aisles of wasn't long before I met Judi of Judi's Crazy World. She was there selling some of her beautiful hand dyed fabrics. I have been curious about hand dyeing and have been watching her adventures with snow dyeing, pole dyeing and other types of dyeing she has tried. So it was fun to meet her and her husband.
Of course I couldn't walk away from her booth without a few of those pretty fabrics. The blue, orangey pink and mottled green are snow dyed and the other 2 are hand dyed. I love the variation of color in the show dyed fabrics and could've walked out with one of each color...
There were so many beautiful quilts there, I could only stand in awe. This one was one of the theme category winners. The theme was Fire and Ice...there was so much intricate quilting on this quilt...unfortunately it doesn't really show up in the photo well, though you can click on the pic to make if larger and see it better. I can only dream of quilting like this.

The quilting overall was fantastic on the many beautiful quilts and I took several pictures. I wanted to take more, but my memory card was being stubborn & would only store a they wear out? I will post more pics later.


Fiesta said...

welcome back. Glad you had such a good time. I just love those hand dyed fabrics. Judi's store is closed right now but I will check it out later.

Barb said... the fire and ice quilt, that truly is amazing. Glad you had a great time and some great buys.

Quilter Kathy said...

What an amazing quilt!

Willeke said...

What a very beautiful quilt! Extraordinary!!!
I love your hand dyed fabrics as well!
Probably you've noticed, I'm far behind reading all the items on the blogs. Well I want to catch up!
Greetings from the netherlands,