Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday already?

Had a great time at my family reunion Sunday. Saw some folks I hadn't seen in a long time. Then my daughters came over for Father's Day that evening.

Monday I went Quilt shopping with friends to Country Traditions in Fremont NE. It is a very nice store and I had such good luck. I have been wanting to get some of the Paper Dolls fabric since I saw it in a magazine and they had some. I also knew that my sister wanted some too, so got on the phone and called her. My cousin who was staying with her for the reunion wanted some too.....so I got some for all of us! lol Isn't it cute? I have many great memories of playing paper dolls with my sisters.
Mama Kitty is wondering...what, no kitties?
I also got these yesterday too. They were on sale! You wouldn't want me to pass up a good sale, now would you? OK...no more shopping til I get some more quilts finished!
I have been working on a baby quilt for another great niece...this one isn't born yet, so I am still on schedule. I quilted my SIL's quilt this morning too. Now to get it bound. *big sigh*


Judi said...

I have some of that fabric and started cutting out the pieces after fusing decobond to the back to keep it stiff. Did you get the dolls to go with it??

Judi said...

Maybe I should of looked at the picture better. Now I see the dolls at first I only saw the clothes. LOL

Pat said...

LOVE Mama Kitty studying the fabric!!! What will you make with the doll and doll clothes fabrics?

Fiesta said...

great fabrics Jean.
I have been dying to buy some but waiting for a good sale.
What will you make with the doll fabric?
Have you seen the actual paper dolls that are made out of fabric?

Susan said...

Great fabrics! I love the paper doll fabric...I also have very fond memories of playing with paper dolls as a kid.

Jan said...

Love the "Paper Dolls" Jean ... so much so, I've got some in my stash too :) Ahhhhhhhh, so much gorgeous fabric and so little time. I'll be anxiously awaiting your creation :)

Eileen said...

Oh! I saw this paper doll fabric at the quilt show.. I was so tempted!
And I just love all your new pieces you added to your stash. All the kinds of things I would pick too. :-)

Sharon said...

I love the paper dolls too, although I haven't purchased any of the fabric. I spent many, many hours playing paper dolls when I was a little girl, and they still appeal to me!

Love that Jane Sassaman fabric on the lower right in the 2nd pic. Wish I could find some! (not that I need to buy any more fabric...)