Sunday, July 25, 2010

Whatever normal is...

Picture postcard pretty...that was our walk in the meadow on Mount Washington on Vancouver Island. Not sure what mountain that is in the background....I'm sure my sister told me but I have forgotten.
There was still snow in places and more water than normal in the lakes. I guess they still had skiing on Father's Day up there!

 There was a wooden path for a good share of our walk, which was nice, as it was pretty muddy up there. I think the path keeps people from trampling all over the place too. There were a few benches and we rested and picnicked there. It was a gorgeous day as was every day I was there. The weather couldn't have been better.

Back in the real world, I quilted a few more rows on the sampler quilt yesterday and then went to Earling for my niece's bachelorette party. It was great fun. Around 8:30 they all left on the party bus and I came home.
I hope to get some more quilted on this today, it needs to be finished by Tuesday night. I am about half done.

The voting continues in the McCalls quilt contest. You can vote every day if you want...the link is also in the sidebar.


maggi said...

beautiful photos and the quilt is looking good.

Pat said...

Your vacation photos look very true postcards and I love your quilt top, too. (And you mean you SKIPPED going with the gals on the party bus??? LOL)

Barb said...

Wonderful photos....and love the quilt you are working on.