Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sewing and sinus junk

My sis in law came over Sunday and we sewed all afternoon together. It was nice. I worked on the kaleidoscope blocks and got several rows sewn together.

I hung the Eric Carle canvases yesterday at work, but forgot to take a pic, so will try to remember tomorrow to do that.

I either have a cold or my allergies are going crazy, as I feel sort of yucky the last few days.


Barb said...

I hate allergies...hope you get to feeling better.

Pat said...

Oh, my....WHERE did you get that photo of that big, drippy, yucky nose??? LOL I'm having those problems for about 2 weeks now...and I usually don't HAVE allergy and sinus problems. *sigh*

Chris H said...

That is a hysterical picture. I hope your allergies clear up soon.

maggi said...

Hope your allergies and sinus problems improve soon.