Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What's new?

I started a new stringpiecing project Sunday. What is it about stringpiecing that is so much fun? Maybe it is the carefree messiness of using all those strings.  I think part of it is that we are using up scraps, of which we always have left after projects. 
I did buy a light green leafy batik fabric to use in each block so it has that unity.
I am making the Spiderweb block, here are some parts.

I also made one more hexie flower. If you are keeping score, that makes 6.


Diana Symanowicz said...

I am most interested in those Spiderweb blocks. They are really neat. You have super dooper ideas on how to use up scraps. And - of course - those hexies are way cool too! I don't think I would have enough patience for them.

Chris H said...

OOO those stringpieces make me dizzy just looking at them!
Are you going to make a quilt from the hexie's?

Vivian said...

The cool hexies continue. Love your colors.
The spiderweb blocks will make a fantastic quilt. I've seen them go together here and there in blogs, and my prediction is that yours will be a wonderful design. Your bright colors and that common green are great choices.

Diana Symanowicz said...

AND - I forgot to mention - the Katherine will be able to attend class with me. It will be a great second project for her to learn her new sewing machine that Santa is bringing!

The Quilting Pirate said...

One day I'll make a quilt from my scraps and if I do, it will be a spider web one ;) Love all the colors!

Amy said...

I love the spiderwebs,,sewing strings is sp relaxing,just pick em up and sew not worrying about matching.It is something to do when I am too busy to worry about directions and what not. Love the hexies too!