Monday, August 22, 2011

A new project....GerriAnn

 I am making a baby quilt for a customer using one of the  BJ Designs adorable animal quilt patterns, GerriAnn, the giraffe. The pic above is the background, upside down.

Since the pattern is for a wallhanging, it is too narrow for a baby quilt, so I made it wider.
 I debated what to use for the "ground", but since it is for a baby gift, I decided these were too bland and too purple.
 You need to have 4 different fabrics for the giraffe, a light, light medium, a medium dark and a dark. Plus one for the hooves. I didn't want there to be lots of difference between the colors, but wanted some fabrics with movement.
 It seemed like it took a long time to trace, cut out and press the 33 body parts on to the fabric.
 I was worried I would mix up the pieces after I took the paper off, so I peeled back the paper where pieces joined and just iron-tacked them together. That helped a lot. I had added a little extra to the parts that would go underneath and marked them with 2 dashes, so it was easy to match them up.
 I also added a partial tree and extra grass to the quilt. Since I made the top 10" wider, it filled it in a bit.
I have the first border partially sewn on, hopefully I will get it finished tonight!

On the school front, I am still plugging away at putting the books on the shelves. No pix today as I didn't download them on the computer yet and the camera is at school.


JustCindy said...

This quilt is going to be fantastic. I can't wait to see it finished and the baby will love it.

Fiesta said...

Jean, it is beautiful. I have seen that pattern but I love how you have made it more realistic.