Monday, October 17, 2011

Show and Tell: T-shirt and other glorious quilts...

 The T-shirt class is always fun...taking old, sometimes pretty worn out favorites and making them into quilts. Tracy had a little bit of all of her favorites in her quilt....not pictured are her concert Tees. You'll notice her shirt to announce her daughter's birth in the center.

 Pat is so nice, she is making a quilt for her friend out of her friend's husband's shirts. Love the Old Dude shirts!
Vicky is making this one out of her husband's shirts for him. Nice to see so many colors in this one!
 Cindy brought her retreat Twister quilt to show the class I taught what you can do with solids! She finished hers off with a special twister border.
 Betty just got her Centrifuge Sampler quilt back from the quilter, so was showing it off!
 Dianne got her St. Marks Quilt finished this week. She used her leftover diamonds in the border.
 Betty also got her St. Marks Quilt finished this week...she cut her leftover diamonds into little slanted pieces and sewed them back together. A lot of work, but it paid off!
Jane made a Mini Twister quilt out of some of the same fabrics she made the Twister out of. She wanted to try cutting, but not on her big quilt. Then she cut out some kids prints and made a child's Twister quilt...
I am lucky to have so many talented students!


farmersdotter said...

I'd never seen the twister quilts before...they look neat!
Brenda...the Farmer's Dotter

cookie said...

so many lovely quilts.
I have a question Jean.
What do you use on the back of your t-shirts you use for the quilts, so they wont stretch?

Karen said...

Everyone looks so proud and happy, as well they should be! Makes me smile just to see them. Great quilts! And I love the twister border that Cindy added!

Fiesta said...

They are the lucky one's to have such a talented teacher.