Saturday, November 26, 2011

Long weekend...

I love long weekends! Especially when we have a holiday mixed in. I traveled to my hometown with my daughters to celebrate Thanksgiving with family. It was a great day and it really helped that the weather was nice for everyone who traveled.

I don't really want anything bad enough to get up in the middle of the night to shop the Black Friday sales, but I always meet my sister who does,  mid-morning. I shopped with her and her family for awhile, ate lunch with them, then met my other 2 sisters to shop the rest of the afternoon. It was a fun day! 

I am even getting some sewing in this weekend. Made 4 letter Es for my next project. I tried to use the circular pattern in the orange dots to help make that E look rounded, even though it isn't. Remember, the first person who guesses the phrase I am making wins something squishy and fun! At the rate I am going this may take a while!
 The new Twister center is finished, and I decided to use up the leftover squares in a twister border. I am just putting it on 2 sides of the quilt. It is already about 55", so I don't want it to get too big. Plus that uses up the squares.
 We have already had Conrad 2 weeks. You can probably tell he has grown and fattened up a bit. He spends much of his time racing around and then resting up to race around some more. He is still cuddly. He wants to eat Smokey's food, not his. I gave him a divided dish with both foods in it, so he wouldn't eat out of her dish. But he does it anyway.
 He is really grayish under the longer black hair, so it will be interesting to see what color he ends up.
Of course he loves to quilt!


Julianne said...

I am not a Black Friday shopper either... Not for me.

I like your twister quilts...No idea what you are spelling tho.. LOL

Your new kitty is so cute and of course he likes quilting.

Deb said...

Your kitty is so dang cute!! I'm pretty good at word games...but I'll have to wait for another clue or two to guess your phrase!!

PS: I put some kitty cartoons in my blog post today for you!!

Millie said...

Love those e's! You're doing a great job echoing the curve of the letter with your fabrics!

Barb said...

HOw nice to get a cat that loves to quilt....Ha!!


Quilter Kathy said...

Love that orange "e"

Fiesta said...

I like your twister quilts...I did black Friday online shopping. I hate crowds.