Sunday, November 13, 2011

Peekaboo Rag quilt class

I had a full classroom for yesterday's Peekaboo Rag Quilt class. I had given them a cutting sheet, along with the supply sheet so they could cut ahead if they wanted to. For this quilt, that works well, since the cutting is simple. That way they can spend most of the class time sewing.  
 This rag quilt has peekaboo Xs made by using a chenille technique, so that was something new to learn. Sometimes sewing straight lines is the hardest! My Peekaboo model is hanging on the wall (left side) on the
above picture.

 They were very enthusiastic about jumping in and sewing.
 It was a first quilt for one lady!
 There was lots of friendly chatter....and snacks of course!
 The time seemed to fly by!
What could be more fun on a Saturday afternoon than working with layers and layers of flannel?
This beats Saturday football any day in my book!


Barb said...

What fun!!

Julianne said...

Looks fun..and much better than football.

Chris H said...

I agree, much better than football/rugby/cricket... yadda yadda ... lol

Diana Symanowicz said...

Funny with Kim in the pics! Before CUAQ I guess! Thanks for the pics.