Monday, February 20, 2012

The last go round on the round robin...

 I decided I had better get busy and add my round to the last round robin. 

 I thought I would try to bring out some of the brighter pinks and orange in the center star, so dug out this large print floral to mix in with a teal/ purple blender and a purple floral to make prairie points.
 I then sewed a teal batik border on top of the prairie points, so they would show up well in front of it. I tucked each point into the one before it as I sewed it on, as it was to hard to pin each edge of the points down...too much thickness.
The prairie points add some heaviness, but I like the sparkle they add to the quilt. I hope Rose likes it!

Here is the post of the last quilt I added a round too....the links are in this post to see the other 3 round robin quilts as I got them, which includes mine.

This has been fun, and challenging as well, as you have to go with what the others have done before you as well as add something of your own to the quilt.

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Fiesta said...

Definetley looks challenging but also very beautiful.