Monday, January 9, 2012

Sewtastic weekend!

 Here is the Round Robin that is mine to "add to" this month. I wanted to keep to the sewing theme, but couldn't come up with anything related in fabrics. Then I thought about making some spool blocks to go around the edges, but decided on log cabin blocks instead. I have been collecting selvages for a few years so thought it would be a fun addition to her quilt.
 The quilt was about 30.5". I could've made 5" or 6" finished blocks to fit that size, but thought they might look too big. I added a black border to make it 32.5" and made 16, 4" finished blocks so I could add them to the top and bottom. I thought it might be too much to add them to all 4 sides.

I wasn't sure which way to turn them...
 but finally decided on this setting. I hope she likes it.
 We meet on Thursday to swap for the last time. We decided it would be fun to see them each time so we get to appreciate each addition. Here , and here are the ones I have added is mine.
In other quilty news....
 I really wanted an asterisk on my quilty sign, but I thought the ones I made were too big. I had a sign needed an exclamation point and I could use an asterisk for the period...isn't it cute?
 I think it will be just right! I added it to the end of the second row. I think that it's ready to finish.
I also sewed the 4 pairs of Tumbling Blocks together yesterday. I will get a picture and share later. I want to get a few pairs sewn together each night this week so I can get it finished.

Happy Monday!


Barb said...

I love all of your quilty news, that first quilt is very stunning!

Nancy said...

The setting you have selected is beautiful. I think it adds a lot to the quilt.