Sunday, March 18, 2012

Great day sewing!

I had a great day sewing with friends yesterday! The first thing I worked on was the easy receiving blanket that I saw on Missouri Star Quilt's YouTube video.  It was as easy as they said, and I can see where the more you made, the faster you would go. I made mine using 42" and 52" squares instead of 30" and 40" squares because I like them just a little bigger. It turned out about 47". 

I also got started on my new great nephew's quilt....since we know his name, I thought it would be fun to do some free pieced letters. I just hope the Dr. is right about the sex of the baby...cos that could render this quilt useless! Anyway...I hope to work on it some more later. Am not positive what I am going to do, but have a few ideas. 
 Two ladies worked on hand stitching bindings down.
Yuko is a new quilter and finished her binding on this quilt. She quilted it herself also.
 Cindy also worked on hand sewing a quilt label. Doesn't she look comfy?
 Brenda worked a quilt she is making her husband.
 Dianne is making a special quilt for her granddaughter.
 Kim hosted this fun day and is working on a miniature quilt. Lots of tiny pieces!
Pat brought her finished Twisterweave Mystery Quilt to show and tell! Love it! She worked on a sampler quilt we are doing in class.

Did you get to sew on National Quilting Day?


Karen said...

What a fun day! Happy National Quilting Day!

Susan said...

What a great way to spend National Quilting Day! Looks like you all had a great time!