Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sewing with friends on National Quilt Day

 I have to admit that after Monday night's class, I didn't get a lot accomplished during the evenings this week. I did do some sorting and putting away of leftover fabric from the past few projects I've made, but that's about it. I have been riding my exercise bike again too, have to get back in shape for the summer!

I'm excited that I am sewing with friends today! I have another great nephew on the way, so want to work on his baby quilt....he is due in May. I am going to use some of the animal themed bits and pieces left from another baby quilt...
 along with this adorable fabric that I fell in love with. I am planning on doing some free-pieced letters. The light blue will be the background.
 I saw a YouTube video from Missouri Star Quilt Co. for a self-bound receiving blanket. It looks so fun and easy, I have to try it. I am going to make mine slightly larger than they do on the video. I have no idea who this will be for, but who could resist those cute little angels? Someone will have a girl, eventually!
 I probably won't get to this, but threw it in anyway. These are the leftover strips from the Tumbling Blocks quilt. I plan to sew them together in stripsets.  I have been doing that with leftover strips lately, instead of throwing them in the stringpiecing bin. Two is full (surprise, surprise) and I thought it would be fun to just sew strips together and think of something to do with them later. There are lots of these, so I could probably make a baby quilt out of them.
Only one bag, just flipped it over. Do you save the bags that sheets come in? They make great quilting project bags. You can see what's inside.

What are you doing for National Quilt Day?


Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Sounds like a very fun day! Enjoy! I do save the bags too~ love how easy they are to see what is inside. :-)

Rosa said...

Sound like a fun day but I don´t celebrate it.Hope you have an amazing day!