Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tumbler Explosion!

 During Saturday's Tumbler Quilt class, everyone relaxed and had fun. Some were even exchanging tumblers as everyone made theirs scrappy.
 I didn't end up doing any sewing Sunday, though I did work on some quilting related things. I also went shopping for awhile, which was fun. I got a new purse, among other things.
Yesterday it was back to work....but it is easier going this week, knowing that we have next week off! Spring break...oh yea!
 I have so many things planned to do next week, that I may need an extra week to get it all finished!

I am teaching a Sampler Club class tonight and have a few models to hang for other classes, so I plan on going to the store right after work. A couple of the ladies in that class were in Saturday's class, so I hope to see more finished Tumbler Quilts!


Susan said...

Beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL! Love all those scrappy tumbler quilts!

Patty said...

I love them all!

Cookie said...

they all look great. I never did a tumbler quilt. I think its time to try

Fiesta said...

Love them. A tumbler quilt is in my future

Julianne said...

Such Happy quilts... I love them. LOL Looks like fun.