Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Break is shopping, sewing...what's next?

I am so enjoying my Spring Break! Monday, after a couple of appointments, I went fabric shopping with my sister-in-law. We checked out a new quilt store in Omaha...very nice! I was looking for a few more fabrics for the second quilt I want to make out of the book ABC 3-D Quilts and More. This one is called Hollow Cubes, Too. (If you follow the link, it is the 2nd quilt on the page under the pic of the book.) You need 4 combinations of light, medium and dark and I think I am going to stick with 4. I don't think I'm  going to use the greens in the quilt, but got them just in case one of the other combos didn't work! I had bought the center fabric just because I loved it, so am hoping it will work as a border. 

You might remember that last summer I sewed with some students/friends on Tuesdays. When I went back to work, they continued to sew together on Tuesdays, so I went up and joined in the fun yesterday. I cut out my strips for the Hollow Cubes, Too quilt and sewed them into stripsets.  I worked on a back for a quilt and them I worked on a UFO I'm helping my mom with. It was great fun to sew with them all again...7 more weeks and I will be able to join them every week! I met these ladies as they have been students in many of my classes, but they have become friends as well. You meet such nice people through quilting! 

Brenda was working on her T-shirt quilt, so I was able to get a pic! She has quite a collection of Mickey Mouse shirts, so some of the other ladies were drooling over them yesterday.
Dianne finished her Tumbling Blocks Quilt...isn't it gorgeous? It's fun to see the finished quilts from classes I have taught.

Tomorrow I am going to the International Quilt Study Center and Museum in Lincoln, Ne with friends. I am so excited about this! I have been planning on going here for several years, ever since they opened, and just have never made it. Pretty embarrassing since Lincoln is only about an hour from here. They rotate their stored quilts in and out of the exhibits and also have visiting exhibits as well.  I will take some pictures if it is allowed and share with you!

Today I am staying home all day! I am going to get a T-shirt quilt on the frame so I can start quilting it. It's nice and cool here, so a great day for that! I am also waiting for the repair guys to come and look at our dryer. It quit drying over the weekend, so I hope they can fix it.


Cookie said...

fabric shopping is always good for the soul. I love the fabrics you picked for the cube quilt. It will be a stunner.
hugs Kerstin

Fiesta said...

Enjoy your break Jean