Sunday, April 29, 2012

More bindings and hollow cubes

 I spent all day sewing yesterday. I am determined to get bindings on some quilted quilts, so started with those.  Then I worked on sewing the little trapezoids to the triangles on 2 more sets of colors for the cubes. These 4 sets of colors are ready to go! I haven't decided on an arrangement yet, just had to see what they looked like. It's funny, when you are up close to them, you don't see the 3D effect...they look like multicolored hexagons. I will have to take a picture up close next time I have them on the wall and see if it shows in the picture.
 The last 2 sets of colors are going to be mixed, as they show that in the book. I am excited to get these cut and see how they look with the others!
 This is a  kaleidoscope quilt I made about a year ago. I used the border fabric for the binding, so it blends right in. I usually sew both sides of the binding on by machine, because of time restraints. If you are careful, this way works well.
 This Stack n Whack quilt has been around for fact I have hung it on display several times as a class model quilted, but not bound. (yea, I have no pride, huh? In my defense, I figure at least it's quilted!) I used the backing fabric for the binding on this one.
Here is the back. It is a more muted green, but love the canopy of's a rainforest.

I'm going to an auction today. I have only been to one auction, but have always thought it sounded like fun. There are fabrics and craft supplies at this should be interesting.

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Sharon said...

Your cubes are looking great! Since they are an optical illusion, I can see how they would look different up close.

Good for you on the bindings. I'm working on one too, and it's slow going by hand, but soothing too. I'm not brave enough to tackle a big quilt's binding by machine yet.

The 2 quilts you're working on look great!