Sunday, April 1, 2012

T-shirt quilt class, panic and the unbelievable

I taught the T-shirt Quilt class went very well. It's always fun to see the different shirts everyone has.

I just about had a panic attack first thing, though,  when 2 of the power outlets didn't work. I had class in there Tuesday, and they worked, so not sure what happened. So I got the manager, she checked the circuit breakers, couldn't find anything wrong. When I went back, another outlet had quit working! (Not sure if that was from her playing with the breakers or what??) So out of 5 outlets in the room, only 2 worked. I had 7 ladies coming, all of them would need irons! They were starting to arrive and I was screaming in my head by now! (Ever had that happen? you are trying to appear calm on the outside, while on the inside you are screaming?) The mgr. found two orange power cords and I have 3 power strips. I have had problems in the past when we have so many irons plugged that we flip the circuit breakers, so I was worried about the others going with so much plugged into them. We found an outlet outside of the room, in close proximity and used it for one of the power cords.  Two of the ladies ended up already having the fusible interfacing ironed on to theirs, so that helped too...only needed 5 irons. By the time anyone was sewing, we just unplugged irons and plugged in machines. So the day ended up going well.

You won't believe this, though...I didn't take one picture! That class is pretty hectic with everyone doing their own thing at their own speed, that I just forgot! All of a sudden it was time for class to end! The above picture is a T-shirt quilt I made my son-in-law.


Karen said...

Wow, what a panic is right! Glad it all worked out well. Maybe some will bring them back in next time you have a class and you can get some pictures then. :-)

Cookie said...

in the end good, if its not good its not the end. lol.
Im happy everything worked out alright for you and your class. No wonder you did not think of taking any pictures. Im sure they all have been great like the one you did.
hugs Kerstin