Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Funky Rock Stars

I  felt like making some funky stars the other night, so I got out some yellow squares that one of my students gave me. They were cut the wrong size, she didn't need them, and she didn't want to throw them away. So I took them, but wasn't sure what I would use them for either! (Thanks Laura! you know I can't throw usable stuff away!)
They were perfect for this. I used some leftover strips I had from another project and make wonky points.
I love these rose fabrics.
This blue actually looks way better for real, but the color's not great on this picture.
I'm not sure what I will use for the centers, as I don't have a wide enough strip of  matching fabric to cut squares. Back to the drawing board.
Thanks Laura!


IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

I'm impressed that you would sit and sew and not know exactly what you are going to do with the blocks! I have a few friends who also do that...perhaps I need to give myself more permission to play.

Can't wait to see what you make with these.


Sharon said...

Great start to something there! Just sitting and sewing with no plan can be so therapeutic. I know you'll find something that works, eventually! LOL