Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wonky, crooked? funky?

 I had fun going to the auction Sunday. Truth is, I was a little afraid to bid on anything because they go so fast and are hard to understand. You can tell I am a newbie at auctions! It was fun going, and I really didn't need anything there!

 I came home and worked on some more wonky stars, using white for the background.
 These are fun and easy to make. I haven't decided where this is going, but I want to teach a workshop or two on free-piecing, so will use these for a model. I made the crooked centers all the same on these four.
 I have lots of strips cut for other projects, and just scraps of fun prints, so it isn't hard to find fabrics to use. I like how the stripes turned out. They were actually diagonal on the fabric.

Guess who wouldn't let me take a picture of them on the floor.....are you tired of pictures of Conrad yet? 
 He finally lost interest and wandered off.
 Here they are with the ones I made last week. It's always interesting how they look on point, isn't it?

What color background next? I have some baby blue left from the baby quilt...


JustCindy said...

So cute. These are going to make a great quilt.

Sharon said...

Your wonky stars look great! I really like how the stripes came out on the one star. These will make great samples for a free-piecing class!

And no, I never get tired of photos of our "helpers"! LOL Conrad looks like he's lot of help. *wink*