Monday, June 18, 2012

Family Camping

 Just so you know up front...I don't really camp. Two of my sisters and their families are avid campers, so a few years ago the rest of the family decided to go camping with them. Some of the Iowa parks have cabins, so we have tried out several different parks. They are all nice and cabins wonderful, but usually the camping is at a distance from the cabins.
  This year we went to Yellow Smoke Park by Denison. There are 2 cabins, with a camping spot adjacent to each cabin. So those of us without campers had nice cabins with bathrooms, and my sisters could camp right beside us.
 You might remember those two babies that were born 6 weeks apart last winter....they both went camping with us. They were both really good and loved all the attention they were getting as well.
I'm tired today, and not too ambitious. Hopefully I will pep up here soon. I did get most of the camping laundry done last night, finishing it up this morning.  I finished quilting my mom's quilt on Thursday and have some handwork to do before I put the binding on, so it might be a good day to kick back and do that with a movie. 

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Sharon said...

Oh yeah, I'd much rather "camp" in a cabin! Sounds like you all had fun. And nice that everyone could be close together too. Makes it more fun!

I think taking it easy today sounds like a good idea. I'll give you permission, if you'd like! hee hee!