Friday, June 8, 2012

Family sewing time and other fun stuff

 I went to Earling to spend some quality sewing time with my sister while she is here from Canada. She started her first quilt last year and wanted to make some progress on it. It looks like she is burning the midnight oil...not quite, but she did get lots done. She is making 15 blue blocks and there will be 15 purple blocks. She had 10 blue blocks finished when I left yesterday, and the rest of the pieces ready and squared for the other 5, just  needs to put them together. I think it will be really pretty when she is finished!

 Mom enjoyed playing with her blocks. She isn't quite up to sewing yet, but she kept us company while we sewed and enjoyed some quilt magazines I brought with me.
Here are her blocks on my faux design wall at her house.
Sharon came and sewed yesterday afternoon. She made and attached bindings to 3 quilts. I forgot to take a picture while she was sewing, or holding a quilt, but here is her basket of goodies. 
A family friend, Jeanine, came a did some knitting and browsing through quilt magazines.

I finished sewing the flat trapezoids on the rest of the Hollow Cube, Too triangles, then started a new Potato Chip quilt. When I made this quilt originally, I made it for someone, so eventually gave it to them. I wanted a new one so I could teach the class again and have my own model. 
On my way to Earling on Wed. I stopped at Stitchin' Tree Quilts in Harlan. She is having some good sales in conjunction with the All Iowa Shop Hop, so I managed to find some goodies there. Then yesterday,  a local craft business was having a good sale, and I scooped up some gorgeous fabrics at a good price. That sale is going on in Earling the next few days, so if you are going to be in the area, email me and I can give you the info. They didn't have lots of fabrics, but what they had are gorgeous. She also has tshirts, purses, jeans, pillow forms, and lots of other goodies. I will take some pix of my fabric purchases later and post tomorrow.

Today I need to figure out which quilts I am taking for the Bluffs Arts Council Quilt show and get them ready to take. We are setting up tomorrow and the show is Sunday. Can't wait to see all the great quilts!


Fiesta said...

Sounds like a really nice time Jean. I spent my 1st day off gardening in the rain since my air condition died and cannot be replaced until Tuesday.

Sharon said...

Wow, looks like everyone was productive and that you all had fun. The best kind of sewing day!

Have a good time at the show!